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Commitment to Bring Socio-Economic Empowerment of Poor and Excluded
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Multi Stakeholder Forestry Program

The Government of Nepal (GoN) in collaboration with the Governments of Finland, Switzerland and the UK are establishing and supporting implementation of the Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme (MSFP). The MSFP aims to improve livelihoods and resilience of poor and disadvantaged people in Nepal through sustainable and equitable management of forest resources.Society Development Center (SODEC) as a lead organization is implementing the program from May 24, 2013 in Sankhuwasava district.

Sustainable Food and Nutrition Program

Date: 25 November 2012 | Venue: khadbari

Sustainable Food and Nutrition ProgramSustainable Food and Nutrition Program

SODEC began the first trial project of the Sustainable Food and Nutrition Program (SNFP) with a group of farmers near Khandbari. The project consisted of creating a test aquaponics project. Based on the success of the project SODEC will implement the program and systems to other areas of Nepal. The system uses the organic nutrients from the farmers fish ponds to grow greater amounts of vegetables.

Commercial Organic Tea Farming

Date: 15 Aug 2012 | Venue: Khandbari

Commercial Organic Tea FarmingSODEC has been supporting over 300 small landholding families to cultivate commercial tea farming across Diding, Matsyapokhari VDCs and upper parts of Khandbari Municipality of Sankhuwasava District. So far farmers have cultivated tea over 50 hectors of land. A mini processing unit has been installed that processes about 200 kg green leaves.

Though it is not certified yet, it is the organic tea planted in the virgin soil.