Society Development Center
Commitment to Bring Socio-Economic Empowerment of Poor and Excluded
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Guiding Principles of SODEC

SODEC is guided by the following principles:

  • Neutrality: 
    we are neutral to any political, social, caste/ethnic, and religious parties. We ensure our activities "do no harm" or hurt to sovereignty any of these sectors.

  • Transparency and Impartiality: 
    We are committed to maintain transparency and impartiality at all levels of our programme and budget.

  • Equity and Inclusion: 
    We ensure equity and inclusion to receive benefit from SODEC. It is reflective in the composition of our Executive Boards, general members, staff and target people.

  • Coordination and Collaboration: 
    We work with mutual coordination and collaboration with diverse partners, governments and non-governments, having identical goal and objectives.

  • Quality and Perfection: 
    Our activities are focused to achieve quality and perfection at the highest possible level.

  • Innovation and Creativity: 
    We encourage innovation and creativity in pursuit of exploring possible best models to reduce poverty.